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Your Perfect Guide to Buy the Right Travel Tools

April 11, 2012

Whether it is a road bike, a kayak, a longboard, or even a sleeping bag, you will find here all the information you need to buy the right gear for your long-scheduled travel plans.

In case you are one of those who are always up for a ride on a road bike, then you need to make sure that you have just the right equipment to ensure an enjoyable ride. For this, you will have to specifically look at the wheels, handlebars, gears, pedals, riding position, and frame of the bike. In recent times, the new trend has been to go for used road bikes for sale. This helps in cutting down the costs and helps keen riders in fulfilling their dream of riding a road bike of their choice.

In case of kayaks, you can simply glance through the following points before arriving on a conclusion:
1. Do you want to buy one with hard shell made up with fiberglass, plastic, wood, fiber, or Kevlar?
2. Do you want an inflatable or folding boat

Everyone wants to buy kayaks that are strong and durable. Plastic boats are very heavy and can withstand rough handling. The only problem with plastic boats is that they are difficult to repair once they tear off. Wooden boats come as both cheap and expensive depending on their quality. They are generally maintenance free but if needed can be repaired easily. Easy to store and portability are the two advantages of folding boats. They are usually heavy on the pocket, but they are tough, stable, seaworthy, and flexible. As far as inflatable boats are concerned they are least expensive, easy to store, and offer excellent in portability.
Before you buy a longboard, you must know your requirement and your ability to ride it. You can buy longboards with 65 to 70 mm size which are the most commonly used ones. Considering the hardness, thickness, and durometer of the longboards are also essential before you buy one. Durometer of the board tells the hardness of the wheel which should be 101a because it helps in sliding applications of the longboard. For a standard size wheel 78a durometer is used. It slides well on uneven roads and rolls over on small cracks without any problem.

If you are planning a long vacation with some enthralling adventurous trips, then you might also consider going for an inexpensive and convenient sleeping bag. A useful suggestion here would be to buy sleeping bags that are of the perfect material, size, shape, cost, and brand to suit your travel purposes.

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