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How to Find Used Hiking Gear

March 20, 2012

A hiking trip is not just an adventurous trip but it is also a way to come close to nature. A usual day in the city leaves you working throughout the day with the evenings spent in front of the televisions. There is no time to connect or relax in the realms of nature. Nevertheless, going for a hiking trip with your family or friends can be a rejuvenating experience. However, if you plan to go for a hiking trip, you need adequate and appropriate hiking gear for the purpose. New hiking gear can be pretty expensive and therefore, opting for the used hiking gear is a much feasible option.

Along with the hiking gear you can also secure used bicycles for sale to commute to the proposed area of hiking. There are several online stores that cater to clients looking for used hiking gear. These stores sell skis, outdoor gear, hiking equipment and have used road bikes for sale. These stores are the best places to secure such gear and equipment.

The prices quoted on some of these sites are fixed while others offer their goods on the basis of auction. You have to place a bid to secure the goods and if your bid is the most unique bid, you are awarded them. However, when securing your used hiking gear from the websites, you should ensure that the source is credible and reputed. After all you would not want to spend money on a completely useless product. Therefore, always select websites after reading the reviews from past customers.

The online forums are a great place to get ideas of the places from where to secure hiking gear. Those who have already been on such trips are willing to share their experiences so that others may benefit from them. As a result, taking reviews from such people can be extremely beneficial.

While securing the hiking gear online is a great option, you can also find such gear through garage sales. Garage sales may be held by your neighbors, friends or acquaintances. Visiting these garage sales and looking for the relevant hiking gear at these sales can be a very good option. Moreover, garage sales can be a great money saver as the products usually put on garage sale are available at much lower price than the original cost. However, you must check the quality of the bicycles and other equipment offered on sale, and ensure that the repairs needed are minimal.
About was launched in June 1999, in Provo, Utah, by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who had noticed a need for a convenient marketplace for individuals and companies looking for used and retail outdoor hiking supplies. They can help you to buy and sell backpacks.

To know more about used hiking gear and sleeping bags on sale, please visit:

1678 West Redstone Center Drive Suite 210,
Park City, UT 84098


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