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How to Buy Kayaks Online

January 21, 2012

ImageAre you ready for some outdoor fun? Do you enjoy water sports? If yes, then it is then time to search for a kayak. This article explains some tips on what you need to look for before you buy kayaks. There’s a kayak for every occasion and you need to know which one you need.

Types of Kayaks:

  • Recreational Kayaks
  • Touring Kayaks
  • White Water Kayaks
  • Downriver Kayaks

Beginners can go well with recreational kayaks. They are all-round kayaks and can be used for just about anything. These are usually used for mild river trips and casual use in ponds and bays. They are generally wider and shorter than other kayaks, which make them easier to handle and turn.

If you are planning for a long trip, you can opt for Touring Kayaks. They are very long and have a good deal of area for storage of supplies. They move in a straight line, but because of their extended length, are harder to turn. There are versions made for just day touring and these have less space but are made of lighter materials for better handling.

What about splashing through mountain streams! White Water kayaks will help you in streams, but be wary, it’s very dangerous. These are shorter to increase the maneuverability of the kayak around rocks and in fast moving water. They may have rounded bottoms and more upturned ends to deal with the waves. They are hard to paddle in a straight line and are not recommended for casual kayaking.

And for those racers out there, there is Downriver Kayaks which are specially designed to travel quickly and smoothly through the water. They are very long and narrow which makes them tipsy and not suited for a beginner. They are very long and straight, which makes them go in a straight line easily, however, turning is more difficult.

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