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A Checklist before Buying a Used Mountain Bike

December 23, 2011

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Before buying a used mountain bike, it is necessary to check some parts of your bike. Tires, brakes, wheels and handlebars are important among them.


Tires are the most essential parts of a bike. It bears all your body weight. So it is necessary to take the following precautions before buying:

  • Refer the instruction booklet provided by the bike manufacturer or check their website for correct pressure measurement.
  • Take a close look for any kind of wear and tear and for any rips that occur on the tire surface.


Most of the repairs and modifications are usually done on the wheel frame. Hence you should take a few steps to ensure the safety of wheel-frame:

  • Take a close look and make sure that there are no dents and twists on the wheel.
  • Checking is compulsory if the bike has been used on rough terrains.
  • Spin the wheel promptly to assure that there is no unusual movement.

Handle Bar

In a bike, a handlebar is part of the steering mechanism and so you cannot take a risk with a handlebar that is misaligned.

  • Make sure that the handle bar is aligned correctly.
  • Elevation of the handle bar shouldn’t be too high or too low.
  • Make sure that the bolts and nets of the handle are tight.


Breaks play an important role in avoiding accidents and control acceleration.

  • Since it is very critical for the rider’s safety, check the brakes regularly
  • Make sure that they are not worn-out.
  • Proper breaking gives rider a comfortable ride. was founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, is a great option to buy and sell mountain bikes.

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